Design, Calculation & Detail Engineering

- P&I Diagram : Developed as per As-Built Plant or As per Sketch.

- Flow Diagram : Developed as per As-Built Plant or As per Sketch.

 Design of Piping related, Sizing & thickness calculations, Pipe support Design and Stress Analysis.

- Design of Static & Rotating Equipment.

Civil & Structural Design/ Pipe racks/ Flare system/ Etc.

Design, Specifications and Layout of Electrical Systems of Industrial and Chemical Process Plants.

Design/Drafting of Mechanical Parts/ Assembly/ etc.

Quantity Estimates for Bidding purpose, Material procurement, Detailed materials take off for payment settlement, Bid evaluation, Cost estimate and Cost control.


 As-Built Drawings and  Drafting services

Preparation of As-built Drawing for Expansion or Approval of Factory Inspector as per site visit & preparation of sketch with measurement as per existing plant reference and finally developed in CAD software.

- Provide drafting services for Conversion/Regenerate of existing hard copy of drawings into CAD drawings. Scanning, Digitization, and Final output in any CAD software for old drawings.

- Example type of drawing : 

      • Plant Layout.  
      • P&I Diagram and Flow Diagram.  
      • Civil & Steel Structural Drawing. 
      • Shop Fabrication Drawing.
      • Equipment Drawing and  Equipment Layout.
      • Piping G.A. Drawing With Support Mark. 
      • Piping Isometric Drawing with Bill Of Material As Per Site.

Manpower Supply

We have to supply all type of Engineering Manpower for all disciplines at Engineering Office. Such as :

      • Piping Engineer  
      • Mechanical Engineer
      • Piping Designer
      • Draftsman
      • Stress Engineer.
      • Programmer 

Material Procurement

 Supply all type of material especially special equipments/Component s or equipment/component to be used in critical condition such as special piping componente, special fitting, special valve, special pump, etc.

Engineering Related Solutions

- Consultant  for Engineering/Maintenance software procurment to meet fully client requirement and performance.

- Preparing and developement system for Drawing and Engineering Data Management.